Printed acrylic splashbacks by Innovative Splashbacks®

Printed acrylic splashbacks by Innovative Splashbacks® offers total creative freedom for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and commercial space.

Any high resolution image, graphic or pattern can be printed onto our unrivaled acrylic to transform your space from ordinary into extraordinary.

With crisp digital print precision all Innovative Splashbacks® are custom formatted and scaled to size.

Our work is the biggest proof of our credentials
Innovative Splashbacks is backed by the services of qualified craftsmen with unrivalled eye for detail and thorough understanding of client needs. What may look stunning in your laundry space may not look equally appealing in your bathroom and vice versa. Our team of manufacturers not only has the enviable experience of engineering printed splashbacks (known for their elegance) for years now, they are also adept at bailing people out of confusions. Prints on splashback can turn out to be charming additions to your homes – provided you are keeping “suitability” in view.

Guiding you at every step
And, “suitability” is not restricted to “shape” or “size”. Suitability has a lot to do with designs as well- and, here is where our craftsmen can help you with suggestions if you are confused. To start off with, you can check out our gallery of work—not only for ideas but also to get a glimpse of what we are capable of delivering.

The splashbacks rendered by us are available within affordable price brackets and are instanteneously synonymous with highly refined craftsmanship and durability. Get in touch with us for affordable quotes. Besides, serving you with great designs our team will also guide you regarding the maintenance of these pieces for a longer life.

What are you waiting for? Start decking up your home with the choicest of splashbacks that the market has to offer you. Beautifying homes doesn’t really have to be an expensive proposition anymore! Trust us to take care of your needs!

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