Bathroom Splashbacks Zenolite

Brilliant Zenolite Bathroom Splashbacks at Reasonable Prices

Are you looking to give your bathroom a new, designer look? As one of the most superior, new high gloss multi-purpose products, Zenolite bathroom splashbacks are capable of producing the highest quality of glass appearance. But that’s not all since the best thing about these products is that there aren’t any restrictions with regards to installation, the high cost of glass or design limitations.

These days, it’s becoming an increasing trend to have splashbacks in the bathroom because the benefits are innumerable. Not only do they have an unparalleled visual appeal, but you don’t have to worry about cleaning the grout anymore.

Some of the benefits of having splashbacks in your bathroom are:-

  • No mouldy grout or scum
  • Light to handle
  • Can go over existing tiles
  • They are easy to clean since they are stain and mark resistant
  • They come in a wide range of colours which can suit any kind of decors
  • Zenolite is an optical grade polymer that brings life, colour and style to any vertical surface.
    A high-gloss acrylic panel that utilises the same technology required to produce LCD displays. Giving it crystal clear colour and depth.
    It is fabricated in large format sheets to suit every application and can even be folded to eliminate joins.
    Zenolite is available in the latest designer colours and is now offering contemporary patterned finishes.

    Bathroom splashbacks make for a critical investment whereby homeowners strive to achieve the right balance between aesthetics and practicality. Zenolite, we can safely say, has been conspicuously successful in living up to expectations. The availability of a variety of hues probably explains why it has measured up to varied aesthetic preferences. The practicality of these pieces is attributable to the following aspects:

  • The product is actually resistant to high heat and to high shock as well
  • The shiny surface is not typically vulnerable to the “permanence” of scratches – even if there are accidental marks you can clean them very easily (just wipe it clean with warm water)
  • This particular surface can also endure any type of soap or calcium build-up
  • Though it’s lightweight yet it’s more durable than most of its alternatives
  • If you are looking to renovate your bathrooms, we can supply and install your splashbacks in the best possible manner. Not only is it fast; it’s stress-free and there’s no mess involved.

    By providing the highest quality of products over the years, we have ensured that we are one of the most trusted brands around.

    Trust us to guide you regarding every step of your efforts towards realising the best value for your money with zenolite. You can get in touch with us for guidance regarding its long-term maintenance.

    Alternative Splashbacks is synonymous with trust, customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship. Transform your living space and let us be your partner in your journey. Creating a contemporary bathroom is literally a breeze.

    “Add a splash of living colour to your life” with Zenolite!