Innovative Splashbacks

Get International Award Winning Kitchen Splashbacks in Affordable Price

Are you looking for a smart alternative to the dull and boring walls in your kitchen? We welcome you to the world of Alternate Splashbacks where you will find the trendiest and superior quality range of kitchen splashbacks that entirely change the appearance of your kitchen. We take the pledge of catering to the individualistic requirements of our customers and fulfil their demands by supplying feasible solution for kitchen renovations and upgrades.

Here, at Alternate Splashbacks, we use internationally award winning acrylic splashbacks, and that has not only the aesthetic appeal but also performance of the class. The splashbacks are of exceptional quality, and one can get it paying an affordable price. Our innovative Splashbacks are stronger, lighter and look the same as a glass splashback without the hefty price tag.

The Innovative Splashbacks come with designer colour range as we offer a wide selection of rich and vibrant colours to suit any setting. The range includes 18 fantastic standard and metallic colours as well as a colour matching service.

Why we are different

The Innovative Splashbacks offered by us enjoy immense popularity among our clients. We can proudly proclaim that there’s hardly any other alternative which combines so many exceptional attributes within such affordable price brackets.

Here are a few reasons that set our products apart from the rest

High-end finish: Your guests will not be able to take their eyes off the shine and gloss of the kitchen splashbacks. The high gloss finish is easy to maintain and will not be fed away over the time.

Modern colour combination: We follow the current trends in the market and incorporate our innovative approaches when it comes to colour combinations. Our wide range will match or contrast with the walls of your kitchen and exude the required appeal.

Durability: Quality maintenance is one of our fortes. We run a thorough quality check on our products before we sell it off to our clients. Once installed, it will keep on making your kitchen walls look alluring for years without the chances of easy scratch. The splashbacks show immense resistance and withstand wear and tear of regular use.

Ease of maintenance: We understand the pain you must feel during the cleaning of the tiles grout. Keeping that in mind, we have designed our splashbacks that require minimum maintenance and still shiny and vibrant for a prolonged time.

Fire retardant: Being retardant to fire, these splashbacks are perfectly safe to be installed behind the cooktop where maximum heat is generated.

Cost Effective: We charge the competitive price in the market without compromising on the quality of our products.

“The affordable luxury” with Innovative Splashbacks!

Combining the best virtues of splashbacks, our Innovative range has redefined the way in which homemakers have experienced affordable luxury so far. Engineered with utmost precision and notable attention to subtlety, these pieces can add a conspicuous touch of delicacy to your living corner. Talking about cleaning off spills quickly, or general handling of the lightweight but durable pieces—our splashbacks score in every respect.

We are committed to greeting you with a versatile catalogue so that you can pick your choice from as many options as possible. We have substantial experience of meeting both residential and commercial needs with marked ease.

The quality of our product range and our installation services are endorsed by the most discreet names around. Besides crafting kitchen splashbacks of varied designs and textures, we also ensure that the entire installation process is a relatively hassle-free one.

What more? Our clients have the necessary access to quality expertise from time to time. We are there to guide you with your choice of designs if needed, and of course with your maintenance queries.